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Benefits and Applications

The Benefits can be classified into Cost Savings, Environmental Protection, Health Considerations and Safety Standards

SHEQ Principles are automatically converted into Cost Savings

Wire Rope Lubrication Maintenance
“Longer Rope Life - Regular & Controlled Lubrication”

Why Lubricate Ropes with Oil?

  1. Longer Rope Life
    • More than 3 times compared to grease
    • Return on Investment (ROI) >40% after costs
    • Oil penetrates - lubricates internally through capillary action
    • Less friction between wires - forms a microscopic layer of oil around each wire
    • Protected externally - regular application of oil  
  2. Ease of Application
    • Lubricating oil sprayed onto ropes
    • Any metal rope can be lubricated with oil
    • Automatic Lubrication
      • Optimal oil Application
      • Quantity of oil can be adjusted
      • Controlled over/under lubrication
      • Essential Regular lubrication possible
    • Manual lubricant application to: -
      • Guide, Tail, Stage, Guy/Stay ropes
      • Regular intervals must be kept
      • Back ends where automatic lubrication systems in place
  3. Environmentally friendly
    • Compared to a Dressing, there is no wastage.
      • No fling-off during winter due to hardening
      • No fling-off in summer due to softening
  • Application remains the same during Summer & Winter
  • Lubricates and protects Ropes internally and externally

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Dry Ice Equipment & Services
“The most Effective and Efficient
Cleaning Method”

Why Clean with Dry Ice?

  1. No secondary waste (Dry Ice Evaporates)
  2. Environmentally Friendly
  3. Controlled cleaning does not affect or damage substrate, i.e.    metal, aluminium, plastic, glass, wood,
  4. Can be used where water, sand, etc. cannot be used
  5. Can be used to clean and remove: Paint, ink, congealed grease, electrical switchgear, rubber, waxes, etc.
  6. In comparison to Manual cleaning:
    • More than 10 times faster
    • Considerably more efficient and effective with regard to:
      • Cleaning capacity,
      • Flexibility – can clean difficult to reach areas
      • Reduce production down-time
      • Quality of cleaning.
      • Environmentally friendly (no chemicals used)
      • Easy disposal of Primary Waste


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Fuel Management and Control
“Saving Fuel through Accurate Measurement and Reporting”
The Fuel Guarding System

Why Control your Fuel accurately?

  1. Accurate control of Fuel Expenditure
  2. Immediate  vehicle activity notification:
    • Fuel addition (date, time, quantity)
    • Fuel Losses (date , time, quantity)
    • Extended stoppage periods
    • Distances between stoppages
  3.  Communication via -
    • Company control centre
    • email
    • sms
  4. Report Systems include –
    1. Average fuel consumption/costs:
      • Per Vehicle
      • Per Group of vehicles
      • Total company vehicles
    2. Costing per:
      • Trip, day, month
      • Selected by customer 


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Available Modules

Why are there different Applications?
The programme consists of four independent modules that can be combined, each with their own unique benefits and values.

  1. Bowser Fuel Control (BFC) – The Basic Step
  2. The following information obtained from a Bowser controller for each vehicle and group of vehicles, fitted with a transponder, is : -

    1. The quantity of fuel dispensed to each vehicle
    2. The date and time the vehicle requested fuel filling
    3. The quantity of fuel used per vehicle during a pre-set time frame
    4. The time between fillings
    5. The overall fuel dispensed for the complete fleet
    6. Comparison between Fuel supplied to the Bowser and recorded fuel used

  3. Fuel Management Control (FMC)

    In addition to the items in A above - if Bowsers are in use - the information provided will include all “On the Road” incidences as well.
    In addition, this module provides full control of fuel dispensed and fuel lost during vehicle stoppages. Each vehicle is equipped with an on-board computer.

  4. Fuel Consumption Control (FCC)
  5. This System can operate as a stand alone using a catalyst which is added automatically to the fuel for improved fuel consumption.
    Combined with the other two modules, provides the customer with maximum fuel savings through prevention of fuel losses and improved fuel consumption.

  6. Vehicle Access Control (VAC)

  7. Control the movement of vehicles in and out of dedicated security areas and pre-determined regular on and off-loading points.


Harsonic Ultrasound Cleaning Technology
“Ultrasound Biofilm Cleaning reduces Operational Costs significantly”

What are the Benefits of using Harsonic?

    • General Benefit Considerations
    • Permanent removal of bio-film without chemicals.
    • Reduces and/or prevents Biofilm formation, thereby -
      • Increasing plant efficiency and
      • Reducing operating costs.
    • Saving on Maintenance costs
    • Maintaining Operating Plant Efficiency
    • Reducing Plant Power consumption
    • Maintaining a Healthy Environment

    • Cleaning of Filters
      • Without Harsonic ±2x per week - resulting in frequent interruption of the process
      • With Harsonic every ±5 weeks – requires minimal cleaning time
      • This results in a running time of 10 times longer.
      • 10 times less maintenance of filters & pipelines
      • Reduced filter washing less chemicals used - saving the environment
    • Dangerous Bacteria and Odour in the Air rectified
      • Treatment of Water Tanks and Pipelines with Harsonic (Health)
      • In combination with positive organisms
    • Lime and Rust in Pipe Lines
      • Various Transducers available for different applications.
    • Cooling Towers and Radiators
      • Becomes completely clean (removes rust & lime) No more chemicals required
      • Harsonic is capable of controlling bio-film associated and planktonic bacteria.

      • Clogging or blocking of pipes, filters, etc. in New or Recently Cleaned installations
      • Gradual removal and prevention of further clogging or blocking of pipes, filters, etc. can be prevented in existing installations
      • Corrosion on walls (anaerobic bacteria form corrosive sulphide by-products)
      • An insulation layer formed in heat-exchange systems, causing the cooling system to no longer function efficiently. This reduces the efficiency of the plant with resultant operating cost savings when installing Harsonic.
      • Organic acids being formed, causing a decrease in PH
      • Oxygen deficiency being created in the system.

      • Treatment of Process water
      • Reduction of Lime, Rust & Scale
      • Reduction of Bacteria
      • Reduction in Clogging of Filters & Pipelines
      • Reduction in the use of Chemicals
      • Reduction in Maintenance and Labour
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Fluidized Bed Cleaning Systems
“Effortless Cleaning – 4 x faster and less toxic waste”

Why Fluidized Bed Cleaning?

  1. Effortless cleaning of metal parts, denuding them of rubber, paints, resins, powder coatings, organic and certain synthetic materials.
  2. In comparison to chemical cleaning, a fluidized bed:
    • Is up to four times faster
    • Produces less toxic waste
    • bringing you a better result to your production process with:
      • More capacity,
      • Flexibility
      • Less costs (cost savings) 
      • Quality improvement.
      • Environmentally friendly


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Oil Spill Control and Remediation
“Virosorb has an above average absorption capability”

Why use Virosorb?

General Benefit Considerations

  • Compared to similar products, Virosorb has a higher absorption rate.
  • It is completely harmless to human, plant, aquatic and animal life.
  • It is lightweight and can be easily spread or blown over a “spill area”, selectively absorbing oil-based spills on land or water.
  • The natural structure of VIROSORB permits a remarkably strong “wicked action” ensuring that the oil spill is restricted from spreading.
  • Used in the correct quantities, it prevents the absorbed oil from leaching out.
  • Various Standard and Chemical Spill Kit Products are available

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Rental Payment Facility

What is a Rental?

Rental: (noun) – an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of an asset owned by another person / company.

A rental is more than just a definition in a dictionary; it is a means of obtaining the use of the most up-to-date technology with the least capital outlay.

CWRM offer a Rental Payment facility over 36, 48 and 60-month term.

At the end of the term, the asset is passed onto the company by one additional monthly payment.
Where applicable, estimated monthly repayments are included in every quotation submitted.