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Fluidized Bed Cleaning


Industry today is facing many challenges when it comes to quality improvement and cost savings. As environmental regulations become more stringent, the drive towards environmental friendly solutions continues.

For many companies the cleaning of paint-shop tools, hooks, grids, jigs, etc… is still a problem. Many cleaning methods to remove coatings, paints and plastics are damaging to the environment, are very costly and sometimes inefficient.

CWRM Holdings are proud to present a thermal cleaning system based on the fluid bed principle, which has a very fast cleaning cycle, works very efficient and is environmental friendly, and we are sure that it is the perfect solution for your cleaning needs.

Your cleaning is our commitment …

Fluid Bed Principle

A fluid bed basically consists of a reactor filled with calibrated quartz sand. At the bottom of the reactor gas and air is injected. A specific flow is generated and the sand starts to fluidise. This allows the sand to behave like a liquid and take on many of the same properties as liquid. This principle is illustrated in fig. 1.1.

Inside the fluid bed, parts heavier than the quartz sand particles will sink to the bottom, while parts lighter than the quartz sand particles are blown out of the reactor.

The Fluid Bed

The Fluid bed consists of a reactor where the gas/air mixture is ignited at the surface by means of pilot-burner. The pilot-burner is burning with a constant flame and creates a flame-shield which is covering the entire surface of the Fluid bed as demonstrated in fig. 1.2.

The combustion of this gas/air mixture supplies heat to the fluid bed. Typically the system works at 420 – 450°C. Because of the constant fluidisation and the excellent heat-transfer characteristics of the quartz sand, there is a very uniform temperature inside the fluid bed. This uniform temperature combined with the gentle brushing by the quartz sand is used to remove paint, powder coating, plastic or any other organic material. The elevated temperature of 420 – 450°C makes the organic substances evaporate. The gas created by this process is burned by the fluid bed and the heat generated by burning these flue gases is also used to heat up the system. In this way the fluid bed is recovering energy.

The Fluid Bed working principle is explained in the schematic overview:

  1. Fluid bed reactor
  2. Cleaning basket
  3. Special Quartz sand
  4. Air/gas distributor
  5. Parts to clean
  6. Pilot burner
  7. Combustion of the process gases
  8. Exhaust gases
  9. Mixture of air/gas/process gas

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process starts with turning on the fluid bed. First the gas/air mixture in injected into the cleaning reactor and the special quartz sand starts to fluidise. The pilot burner is switched on and the gases are ignited at the surface. Once the fluid bed has reached its working temperature (420-450°C) the parts to be cleaned can be submerged in the cleaning tank. The parts are first placed in a special cleaning basket and this basket is lowered into the fluid bed by means of the specially designed hoisting system. After 60-90 minutes the cleaning process is completed. The basket is removed from the fluid bed and the next cleaning cycle can begin immediately. Due to the unique design of the fluid bed there is hardly any loss of temperature which means a new cleaning cycle can be started without any heat-up time between each load.
This way of cleaning offers you the following advantages:

  • Fast cleaning cycle
  • Environmental friendly process
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Energy saving process
  • No deformation or distortion of the cleaned parts
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Minimal labour
  • High capacity
  • Low O&M costs
2. Filling medium
3. Cyclones
4. Loading basket
5. Hoisting crane
6. Operator panel
FLUID BED: 3D view of a typical installation


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Rental Payment Facility

What is a Rental?

Rental: (noun) – an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of an asset owned by another person / company.

A rental is more than just a definition in a dictionary; it is a means of obtaining the use of the most up-to-date technology with the least capital outlay.

CWRM offer a Rental Payment facility over 36, 48 and 60-month term.

At the end of the term, the asset is passed onto the company by one additional monthly payment.
Where applicable, estimated monthly repayments are included in every quotation submitted.