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Wire Rope Maintenance

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Managing and Lubricating Ropes with Oil?
In September 2007, CWRM Holdings presented a paper on “Managing and Lubricating Ropes with Oil” at the O.I.P.E.E.C. Conference held in Johannesburg.
This paper discussed the methods and techniques developed for the purpose of protecting and maintaining these valuable assets through a structured wire rope maintenance programme, which includes the value attained through oil lubrication, the methods of application, rope cleaning with dry ice and compressed air, and the ultimate control and management of the programme. It touches on some significant results achieved in the past and currently, on ropes lubricated with oil.
CWRM Holdings are continually striving to improve rope life by introducing high quality and cost effective wire rope lubricating oils and constantly improving their automatic and manual winder rope lubrication systems.

Rope Life Improvements ….. using Oil

Field Results
Some of the practical field results with various mining groups are detailed below.

1. Gold Fields – Libanon GM, No. 4 SV Shaft Koepe Winder Tail Ropes
The standard rope life for the previous 10 sets of tail ropes was on average 18½ months and these had to be replaced due to excessive corrosion. The ropes were lubricated for the first time with oil after being in service for 12 months, leaving 6½ months before they would normally be due for replacement.
Special spray applicators were manufactured that were used to lubricate the tail ropes with oil. This was done every month for 31 months and the ropes were eventually replaced after 43 months in service with an overall rope life improvement of 232%.

2. Anglogold Ashanti - Savuka Gold Mine - Koepe Winder Head Ropes
The Oil Lubrication Method was on display in 1998 at one of the Electra Mining Exhibitions. At that time, due to the short rope lives experienced, the Savuka Mine Engineer was interested in applying the recommended Wire Rope Lubricating Oil to the Koepe Winder Head Ropes.
The ropes were subsequently manually lubricated, one rope at a time one day apart, in the following sequence: - rope 1 - day 1, rope 2 – day 2, etc. (N.B. The Automatic Lubricating System for Koepe Winder Head Ropes has been based on this principle).
The standard rope life for the previous 5 sets of Koepe Head Ropes was on average 8-months and these were replaced due to excessive corrosion. The ropes were lubricated for the first time with oil after being in service for 4-months, leaving 4-months before they would normally be due for replacement. The ropes were replaced after 12 months in service, with an overall rope life improvement of 50%.

3. Lonmin Platinum - Karee No. 3 Shaft – Double Drum Rock Winder
The standard rope life for the previous 7 sets of 54mm triangular strand ropes was on average 116,800 cycles. To date, Turboplast ropes have been lubricated with an ISO 200 cSt wire rope lubricating oil automatically. At time of writing, the rope life is in excess of 400,000 cycles, a 3.45 times rope life improvement with only two broken wires detected during routine magnetic non-destructive testing.
Please Note: -

  1. The average rope life for a Rock Winder is in the region of 100,000 cycles.
  2. The ropes are lubricated with a wire rope lubricating oil applied automatically.
  3. Supported by a CWRM Holdings outsourced rope maintenance programme.

The resultant savings speak for themselves. The return on investment of a CWRM structured wire rope maintenance programme using oil is probably one of the highest investments that can be made. Therefore, the overall cost of the lubrication system, the lubricant, the warranty and maintenance become extremely insignificant in the bigger picture.

Click here for the following supporting documents: -

More details on Rope Life Improvement (113 KB)
The O.I.P.E.E.C Paper on “How to get the most out of your Ropes” (492 KB)
The Thin Film Wire Rope Lubrication Philosophy (50 KB)

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